New Herva Album Coming to Planet Mu

Planet Mu, IDM pioneer Mike Paradinas’s record label, will release a new Herva album, Hyper Flux, on the 24th of February.

Hyper Flux will be the Italian experimentalist’s second release on the Planet Mu label, after 2015’s Kila, an interesting, eclectic album that brought together elements of IDM, hip hop and acid jazz.

Herva is enthused about the new album, on which he challenged himself to play real instruments – and, in particular, strange-sounding “weirdo instruments” which he found himself able to “reinvent” during the recording process.

A prolific and edgy performer (he is also a member of the collective Truwest), Hyper Flux promises to further establish Herva on the global electronic music stage.

Planet Mu have released one cut from the album (“Solar Xub“) to enthusiastic responses.

Just announced: New Herva album @hervamusic stream a track:

— Planet Mu (@Planetmurecords) January 12, 2017

Full album tracklist

  1. Esotic Energy
  2. Jitter
  3. Nasty MF
  4. Rule The Sun
  5. Multicone
  6. Lly Spirals
  7. Solar Xub
  8. Meta Wave
  9. Cops Twerk
  10. Peach
  11. Dedicated feat Mar G
  12. Zykmed

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