London Venue Village Underground Here For 15 More Years

Famed East London event venue Village Underground has secured brand new 15-year lease with the council of Hackney.

The venue claims that the lease allows them to make sustainable plans for the until 2027, when it is due to expire. The Village Underground nurtures artists by hosting space for 30 studios.

“This is a great example of a local authority working with and supporting a thriving and well-respected local independent venue,” says Hackney’s mayor Philip Glanville. “We are sending out a strong message about the value of our arts and music venues for the community and local economy, and how as a council, we will do everything we can to protect them.”

London’s new Night Czar Amy Lamé said:

“Today’s announcement that the future of Village Underground has been secured for the next 15 years is a fantastic example of how venues and councils can work together. I would urge boroughs around the capital to take steps to protect venues in their communities.”

Here’s a short video celebrating the venue’s 10th anniversary.

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