Tamrias debuts electro acoustic offering ‘New Leaf’

Classically trained electro-acoustic musician and producer Tamrias has just released her stunning debut album via Moonswing Netlabel.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Tamrias uses an eclectic mix of of cinematic soundscapes, beats and enigmatic melodies – including recorded natural sounds to create her auditory masterpieces.
“I’m strongly impacted by emotional responses to art; I try to create these responses in others, and hopefully help them in similar ways. Nature is also a powerful influence on my sound design.  Music can be any sound that invokes an emotional response in a listener. Nature makes music, and so can machines. Music is often sound that’s been organised, but it doesn’t have to be.” she says.

New Leaf is a deep, reflective expedition into the unknown; swirling sound-design techniques and cut-up glitch-esque electronics swim amidst colourful composition, sampled loops and naturally occurring soundscapes.

Listen to ‘The Last of Us‘ below and stream New Leaf on Bandcamp.

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