Molécule releases video for ‘Âriâ’ from upcoming album -22.7°C

Molécule, head of independent Parisian label Mille Feuilles has released another outstanding video, the visual accompaniment for his latest track ‘Âriâ.’ The French experimental producer will releasing another entrancing concept album on 16th of February titled -22.7°C via Because Music.

Roman Delahaye, better known as Molécule, draws influence from nature, isolation and human existence. His previous singles ‘Violence‘ and ‘Sila‘ were inspired by journeys into the harsh unknown – 34 consecutive days, with no stops, aboard a 300-foot colossal shipping vessel, and a life-changing, perception-altering expedition to the Arctic Circle.

Âriâ’s‘ pulsating thump and deep bass tones are complimented by the imagery of white landscapes and streams of colour. Director Morgan Beringer comments on the video: “The intention was to create a semi-abstracted version of the documentary, hopefully conveying both an element of loose narrative of the experience in Greenland while also using effects and abstraction to push the imagination to explore how those experiences influence the resulting musical production. The inherent connection between imagination and reality. The Northern Lights also served as a heavy influence here, their neon green colour that contrasts so much with the otherwise white landscape, inspiring the use of RGB splitting to create equally alien yet natural colours upon the white landscape…”

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