Eric Chenaux

Talented Record Artist and Music producer Eric Chenaux shares his latest video for ‘Bird & Moon’

Parisian producer, composer and experimental artist Eric Chenaux shares latest video for ‘Bird & Moon’, once again produced by longtime collaborator Eric Cazdyn, who has been the exclusive video-maker for Chenaux’s past four solo albums now, going back to 2010. Cazdyn has consistently created smart, understated, often obliquely whimsical and always conceptually acute visual takes on Chenaux’s brilliantly warped avant-folk/jazz ballads. 

Watch the official video for “Bird & Moon” below –

Initially taken from Chenaux’s latest, Slowly Paradise, released via Constellation Records earlier this year, ‘Bird & Moon’ follows Chenaux on a pair of meandering bike rides along Toronto streets in early winter and through Paris during the bloom of spring (his two “hometowns”). Repetitions, mirrored actions, and recurring motifs from each city’s perambulations are edited using frequent, brief, complete blackouts between segments. 

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