Rich Aucoin Gives Us a Taste of His Lastest Single ‘The Mind’

Humanitarian slash electronic indie musician, Rich Aucoin has just released his latest single ‘The Mind’ on 8 March in preparation for his new album entitled ‘Release’ set to drop on 17 May under Haven Sounds. The Canadian artist brings us this gift featuring live drums by Chrome Sparks as well as a live drum sample from Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff.

While the rippling synth is truly gorgeous, I must say the star here is definitely the drums. But maybe I’m just a sucker for live instruments on electronic tracks. The song offers no lyrics yet there does seem to be some form of communication in the flowing between both Aucoin’s own voice sample and that of Jenn Grant. Almost like signals being sent out for us to intercept and connect with.

All in all, it’s quite a beautiful piece of work and makes for quite the appetiser before the main course is served in May. Aucoin has given us much art over the years and there’s no doubt that this new album will be any less exciting with his balance of production and organic musicianship. 

Listen to ‘Mind’ here.

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