Music producer Privat released a new music video from the song ‘Marmor’

Since the release of his Kilian & Jo hit collaboration ”Suburbia” and his debut-EP ”Lovers” (2017), Swedish star Erik Rapp has been busy writing and producing a veritable treasure trove of new music.  Out of this process comes work under the moniker Privat, with a Swedish language album and artwork and visuals from Martin Falck, who has previously collaborated with acts like Fever Ray, The Knife, Robyn, and Björk.

“I’ve written and produced this album on my own, and for the first time the lyrics are in Swedish.” explain’s Erik “When I’m singing in my first language I draw inspiration from moods and melodies of folk music, something more private”.

Musically, Privat allows Erik to combine electronic, more experimental production with influences from Swedish folk ballads as well as classical and choral music.  Erik credits this unique sound to his upbringing in small-town Leksand and his experience from singing in the church choir:

Speaking to Erik explained the challenge of identity and individualism within the collective movement for LGBTQ rights, and its inspiration for the creative space that is Privat.

“The LGBTQ community has so many names, there is one letter for each identity under this umbrella. It is an easy way to express a great deal of one’s self, but there are also limitations. There is a move towards rigid definitions of identity and of oneself, which is an unavoidable consequence when fighting for rights and equality. This project (Privat) is very much what comes after you have achieved equality based on these identity categories and reached an equal status in society.”
“My intention with Privat is to mix the holy and sacred with the electronic and distorted, in order to create the sound of a whole different reality.”

The vision of Privat’s debut album ”Natten Har Aldrig Varit Så Ljus” is to describe personal feelings and experiences in relation to identity, politics, and society. Singing in his first language, as Privat Erik takes on more complex and nuanced issues than his anglicized pop persona…

“Pop culture right now is bursting with stories of who you are based on concepts: gay, woman, trans, etc. These are the starting points when manifesting a cultural identity. These discussions are important in more everyday contexts, but identity talks have also turned into marketing tactics. As a result, the important and personal aspect and power disappear, like with the commercialization of Pride festivals. I think we need to create new smaller rooms that are more private.”

Privat’s album ”Natten Har Aldrig Varit Så Ljus” is out on November 22nd on Tanisawa Music / Sony Music.

Album tracklisting:

1) Make Me

2) Kropp Och Liv

3) Så Länge Vi

4) In Finita Voluptas

5) Marmor

6) Juli

7) Allting Känns

8) Hem

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