JORI SJÖROOS, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dead Can Dance and Clark.

Finnish music producer JORI SJÖROOS releases astounding album

                                                                                   Image credit: Paavo Lehtonen

We’ve always loved it when musicians push boundaries. This blog was created to give them a platform to do so. Which is why it was an absolute joy when we discovered JORI SJÖROOS and his latest album. Released today, via 11 ONES, the album encaptures the imagination of the masses with its diverse stylings. Below, JORI takes us through his unique thought process:

Listen: SJÖROOTS album – Listen SJÖROOTS instrumental

The producer has a dynamic stage presence as he’s appeared at a number of major music festivals, including FLOW 2011, FLOW 2014, Flow 2016 and more recently, RUISROCK 2019, PROVINSSIROCK 2019 and ILOSAARIROCK 2019. When he’s not creating ground-breaking albums, JORI acts as a producer and composer for the band PMMP.



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