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Experimental electronic producer mcconville releases debut album afakesprogress

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Thomas McConville AKA mcconville joins Schematic Music Company for an EP of vocal electronic music combining elements from pop, experimental and ambient music. This release follows up his 2018 ep on Apollo/R&S and his 2020 ep on Resist/AV.

“It had to be full of colour, melody, emotion and rhythm but with very little in the way of typical drum patterns, or little in the way of drums at all.. I just think there’s more push and pull with the music that way. Apart from the title being reference to the series of paintings (A rakes progress), I don’t really want to get bogged down into going over what the all of the themes apart from to say it’s sort of a misremembered version of what pop music is in sort of a dream type way (like the way you have these mishmash of different people in your dreams that are a combination of people from real life), even one of the tracks is a slightly embellished version of something I previously put out”

A classically-trained composer, mcconville’s music explores the juxtaposition of the human voice enmeshed within a digital pop context.mcconville’s works have been performed internationally as part of various gallery installations, festivals and concert hall performances, with support for his music from BBC Radio 1, RTÉ Lyric, Radio France and electronic music duo Plaid (Warp Records), among others.His debut ep has made its way onto several ‘best of year’ lists by a range of publications, broadcasters and labels, with his music most recently being supported by PC Music affiliates Planet 1999, who included mcconville’s music on a mix for Charli XCX’s 2020 album launch party.

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