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Unique trip-hop pair Thomas Blondet & Steven Rubin release collaborative EP

Image: Li Zhang

Calling all downtempo & trip-hop lovers to the foreground – after much talk in the past weeks about versatile DJ Thomas Blondet & musician Steven Rubin’s EP collaboration, Sea Sons has finally arrived on our shores.  This EP  is packed with noteworthy downtempo and trip-hop gems, including the mind-bending song that introduced this beautiful collaboration – ‘Seascapes’. 

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Steven Rubin previously commented on working on the EP release with Chill Music(read interview): “I would describe my work with Thomas as an evolution of my sound. Though historically I have mostly performed and produced rock music I have always had an affinity for electronic music and the musical freedom it offers. I love creating sounds that set a mood, that put the listener into a headspace. With the Sea Sons EP, I feel like Thomas and I have combined our musical backgrounds to create something unique that will continue to evolve the more we collaborate. “

Sea Sons is a work that breathes life into itself, it is spellbinding and a thrilling listen from start to finish. Instrumental meets electronic, with this unique pairing of part-time rock musician Steven Rubin and genre-hopping DJ Thomas Blondet. Prepare for a night of pure relaxation and a total mind shift, as Sea Sons is a unique listening experience for all.

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