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DJ Emmanuelle creates smokey jazz house music remix of ISQ song

     Image credit: Carlos Gasparotto

Alternative jazz quartet ISQ sparks a new flame with the latest remix for their song ‘At The Seams’ via CP Records. This latest offering is brought through the smoky and electronic lens of music producer Emmanuelle. Although not a fan of being in the public eye Emmanuelle has been the topic of conversation with the  BBC 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs, as well as features in Glamour Italy & Vogue Italy.

Stream/Download ‘A The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix)’

This remix forms part of many to come from ISQ in the next month, so watch this space as this quartet’s hits are being re-constructed by multiple noteworthy house music acts. Their previous release ‘Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix)’ released last month and brought a club atmosphere to the somber original.

When the band shared the Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix) video along with the single release, FourFour (read feature)  summed up the overall appreciation of listening to these remixes, “The video is a rare watch, it does not feed off of other hits and instead uses that freedom to create a work that is truly unique to most viewers. A combination of various influences (Frankie Knuckles, Miguel Migs), Arthur Baker’s melodic house flow viewed together with the visuals of singer Irene’s unhurried movements results in a rare juxtaposition of pace and sound.”

Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes

01. We All Bleed (Wolf & I Remix)

02. Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix) 

03. In My Bed (Dave Gale Remix)

04. Stone (Kmodo Remix)

05. At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix) 

06. Panic Room (Bruce James Remix) 

07. L.A.S. (Urchin Remix)

08. Orbit (Richard Sadler Remix)

09. Paper Doll (Remo Remix)

10. Little Girl (Dave Gale Remix) 

11. Loving A Stranger (Vince Pope Remix)

12) Run To You (Slovo Remix) 

13. Where Beauty Lives (Naadia Sheriff Remix) 

14. Lost Where We Belong (Bruce James Remix)

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