FFO: Aphex Twin, The Orb, Inside the Ghost House

Mesmerizing ambient composer Inside the Ghost House unveils new album

Image credit: @sophiejouvenaar

Inside the Ghost House is challenging yet engaging music, led by the powerful performances and compositions of drummer and producer Jonathan Lodder. Focusing on free expression and abstract forms of composition, often working from improvisation, Jonathan creates music that is raw, aggressive and to the point.

Inside The Ghost House’s debut collection of music is “COLLABORATIVE WORKS I”. This will see Jonathan working alongside a different artists each month for a year, to create a set of music in the form of EPs, remixes, videos and live performances.

Ranging from free jazz to black metal and from spoken word to improvised visual arts – “COLLABORATIVE WORKS I” is a celebration of Jonathan’s time in Leeds, and the musical scene he has been welcomed into.

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