Björk, Julia Holter, Mayuko
Björk, Julia Holter, Mayuko

Ethereal experimental band Mayuko release song ‘Imaginary Bubbles’

Image by: Anna Ziegler

Mayuko, based in Mannheim and Berlin, Germany, consists of artists Michelle Cheung, Kasia Kadlubowska and Rebecca Mauch. Classically trained in music and in dance respectively, yet fearless in blending all their influences, Mayuko create kaleidoscopic soundscapes between pop, electronic and experimental.

Ethereal voices float above rough bass loops and minimalist beats. Poetic lyrics describe sense and sensuality in a world where technology is on the rise and humanity is left behind.

Mayuko is delicate, fragile, but consequent. They live back and forth in worlds like Alice in Wonderland or a 90’s post-grunge cityscape. Mayuko’s songs touch your skin like silk, make you head bop like the wind the tall grass, take you on a hypnotizing trip to where concrete flowers bloom and imaginary bubbles float. Mayuko bring a softness to an unforgiving world.

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