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ISQ original song remixed into an electronic dance enigma

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Dynamic jazz quartet ISQ have shared the ‘Run To You (Slovo remix) with us today. This is the fourth taste of what to expect from ISQ’s long-awaited album release Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes via CP Records. The quartet previously featured on A.Room (read feature) with the release of the ‘At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix)’. Diverting from the club sphere of sound, this latest remix features former Faithless guitarist and  Slovo member Dave Randall.

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Dave has worked with the likes of enigmatic & emotive songbirds like Dido and Sinead O’Connor in the past few years. It is no wonder Slovo remix gravitated towards the more sombre aspects of Irene’s tone in the original ‘Run To You’ track. Slovo’s re-take is a distorted & orchestral electronic breakup medley instead, compared to the lighthearted original. Collaborating with Slovo and several other noteworthy producers on the new album, ISQ songstress Irene Serra shares regular information about the album release on socials – stay tuned.

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Requiem For the Faithful 2.0: The Remixes

01. We All Bleed (Wolf & I Remix)

02. Ode To Myself (Arthur Baker Remix) 

03. In My Bed (Dave Gale Remix)

04. Stone (Kmodo Remix)

05. At The Seams (Emmanuelle Remix) 

06. Panic Room (Bruce James Remix) 

07. L.A.S. (Urchin Remix)

08. Orbit (Richard Sadler Remix)

09. Paper Doll (Remo Remix)

10. Little Girl (Dave Gale Remix) 

11. Run To You (Slovo Remix)

12. Loving A Stranger (Vince Pope Remix)

13. Where Beauty Lives (Naadia Sheriff Remix) 

14. Lost Where We Belong (Bruce James Remix)

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